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SLC Leadership


Students are at the center of our leadership model for two reasons. A coalition of students demanded and created the SLC we have today and given the experimental and entrepreneurial nature of our work in the community, teachers, staff and students enter into a co-learning environment. More about the various leadership positions, their responsibilities and bios of each leader are coming soon!

Student Directors

Student Executive Director
Emiko Edmunds

Student Leaders

Co-Presidents: Emiko Edmunds, Amala Raj
Treasurer: Sophie Chi
Club Outreach: Paulina Cisneros, Abigail Rojas
Communication: Audrey Majzun, Dylan Carmel
Secretary: Axel Pilette
Social Media Lead: Tessa Goldman
Graphic Designer:  Tuva Andreasso
Social Voyagers Rep: Zoe Gostayla

Staff Director

Service Learning CenterAndy Stuart: SLC Staff Director

Service Club Leaders

Step Up! MA: Abigail Youngblood, Hazel Jones, Sophia Sharif
Intercambio: Julian Regan
Surfriders: Ella Nelson, Julian Regan
Leo Club: Amelia Kratser
M-A Votes: Civic Engagement Leaders
Care Bears: Ella Bohmann Farrell, Faith Cropper
FAB Club: Paula Tribukait

Stanford Fellow

Clare Mclaughlin, MA (Policy, Organization and Leadership) Stanford University Haas Center of Public Service
Haas Center