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The Site Council is comprised of staff, students, parents, and administrators who make financial decisions and approve the SITE Plan.
2022-2023 SITE Council Members
School Staff
Karl Losekoot    Principal
John Giambruno   Certificated #1/4 - Chair   (even year)
Jen Hettel   Certificated #1/4.  (even year)
Sarah Frivold   Certificated #3/4   (odd year)
Karina Flores   Certificated #4/4   (odd year)
Adrian Perkins   Classified #1/1   (odd year)
Paulina Cisneros   Student #1/3
Giselle Martinez   Student #1/3
Sophie Robbin   Student #1/3
Trisha Barr    Parent #1/3 PTA
Lena Chane   Parent #2/3 Foundation
Lupita Ruiz    Parent #3/3 ELAC
SITE COUNCIL (2022-2023) Meeting dates/times

SITE_COUNCIL_(2022-2023)_Meeting_dates/times icon
SITE COUNCIL (2022-2023) Meeting dates/times

Site Council meets once a month to review the SITE Plan, Title 1 Funding, and the School Safety Plan.  All meetings are open to the public.

January 26, in the Staff Lounge 3:20-4:50
February 16, in the Staff Lounge 3:20-4:50
March 30, in the Staff Lounge 3:20-4:50
April 27, in the Staff Lounge 3:20-4:50
May 25, in the Staff Lounge 3:20-4:50
Additional meetings may be required
2022-23 SITE Council Agendas

2022-23_SITE_Council_Agendas icon2022-23 SITE Council Agendastitle

SITE COUNCIL AGENDAS and Minutes 2021-22

SITE_COUNCIL_AGENDAS_and_Minutes_2021-22 iconSITE COUNCIL AGENDAS and Minutes 2021-22title

2022-23 SITE Council Minutes

2022-23_SITE_Council_Minutes icon2022-23 SITE Council Minutestitle

SITE COUNCIL Agendas and Minutes 2020-21

SITE_COUNCIL_Agendas_and_Minutes_2020-21 iconSITE COUNCIL Agendas and Minutes 2020-21title