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SDMSC; Shared Decision-Making Site Council

SDMSC (2023-2024) Meeting dates/times

SDMSC_(2023-2024)_Meeting_dates/times icon
SDMSC (2023-2024) Meeting dates/times

The SDMSC represents educators, students, and parents coming together to support a positive school environment with optimal teaching and learning.
The SDMSC seeks to promote students’ academic/social/emotional well-being in connection to school community and supports educators in raising the academic performance for all students.

Meetings are held in the Staff Lounge once a month on Thursday afternoons.
Each meeting will be 90 Minutes 3:30-5:00 pm
Meetings may be adjourned early if agenda items have been covered and a motion to adjourn has been made and seconded.
Meetings may be canceled due to a lack of agenda items.


Thursday, Sep. 14, 3:30-5 PM
Thursday, Oct. 12, 3:30-5 PM
Thursday, Nov. 09, 3:30-5 PM
Thursday, Dec. 07, 3:30-5 PM


Thursday, Jan. 18, 3:30-5 PM
Thursday, Feb. 08, 3:30-5 PM
Thursday, Mar. 07, 3:30-5 PM
Thursday, Apr. 18, 3:30-5 PM
Thursday, May 09, 3:30-5 PM

23-24 SDMSC Agendas

23-24_SDMSC_Agendas icon23-24 SDMSC Agendastitle

23-24 SDMSC Minutes

23-24_SDMSC_Minutes icon23-24 SDMSC Minutestitle

The Shared Decision-Making Site Council (SDMSC) is comprised of staff, students, parents, and administrators who make policy decisions for the school.
2023-2024 SDMSC Team
NAME        Department / Group
John Giambruno    Chair / CTE
Amala Raj    Vice-Chair / Student Rep. 
 Sarah Frivold    Secretary
Zahara Agarwal    Parliamentarian / Student Rep 1
Valeria Lorenzo     Academic Resource
Shionda Nickerson    At-large
Elisa Nocedal    At-Large
Libia Bustamante    Classified
Lupita Ruiz    ELAC
Stephen Ready    ELD
Erin Walsh    English
Sara Leslie    Foundation
Silvia Torres    Guidance
Rotating    Math
   Amy McGaraghan    Parent at-large
Elizabeth Santana    Parent at-large
Rotating    PE
Karl Losekoot    Principal
Tricia Barr    PTA
Randy West    Science
Stephanie Cuff-Alvarado    Social Studies
Sarah Frivold    VPA
Nicole Barlow    World Language
     Student Rep. 
Joanna Maldonado    Student Rep. 
SDMSC Approved Minutes 2022-23

SDMSC_Approved_Minutes_2022-23 iconSDMSC Approved Minutes 2022-23title

SDMSC Agendas 2022-23

SDMSC_Agendas_2022-23 iconSDMSC Agendas 2022-23title

SDMSC Agendas, 2021-22

SDMSC_Agendas,_2021-22 iconSDMSC Agendas, 2021-22title

SDMSC Minutes, 2021-22

SDMSC_Minutes,_2021-22 iconSDMSC Minutes, 2021-22title

SDMSC Agendas, 2020-2021

SDMSC_Agendas,_2020-2021 iconSDMSC Agendas, 2020-2021title

SDMSC, Minutes 2020-2021

SDMSC,_Minutes_2020-2021 iconSDMSC, Minutes 2020-2021title

SDMSC Agendas, 2019-20

SDMSC_Agendas,_2019-20 iconSDMSC Agendas, 2019-20title

SDMSC Minutes, 2019-2020

SDMSC_Minutes,_2019-2020 iconSDMSC Minutes, 2019-2020title