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CCC Overview

Welcome to the College and Career Center!

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Welcome to the College and Career Center!

The College and Career Center (CCC) is here to support you in exploring college and career options after high school. One of your most powerful tools will be Naviance Family Connection. Make sure to ask your student to log into Naviance and explore it as a family. College-related information and announcements are often sent via email through Naviance.

What does Naviance Family Connection provide? Here is just a sample:

  • Search for colleges that match your preferences and profile (try the ”Super Match” feature)
  • View scattergram graphs that can help to inform your college decisions
  • Manage your college lists and teacher recommendations
  • Search for scholarships and summer enrichment opportunities
  • Register for presentations by college representatives who visit M-A
  • Take career-interest surveys and find information about careers, including the college majors that can be relevant to a career that interests you.
For highlights of what Naviance offers, scroll to the bottom of the page to see the Quick Guide to Naviance.


Our Services
The CCC can help with finding information about colleges, financial aid, and scholarships. The College and Career Advisor is also here to help you find the post-high school path that meets your needs and interests, including assistance with college applications to 2-yr and 4-yr colleges and vocational programs. Visit the CCC library if you are looking for books on college admission, on writing the college essay and more. These books are available for borrowing. We also have test prep books that you can borrow to study for the SAT, ACT, or AP exams. Be sure to explore Naviance and the other webpages of this CCC website to access information, or stop by the CCC to ask questions.

The CCC works in concert with the Guidance Office. If you have specific questions your class schedule, concurrent enrollment at a Community College, or anything else that goes on your high school transcript, your counselor is your first point of contact. Students may also email Ms. Nguyen, or stop by the CCC to ask questions. If a longer conversation is needed, students should come in person to the CCC to set up an appointment. Priority for appointments is given to seniors in the fall semester, and juniors in the second semester. Students must initiate appointments.


Information Hub
The Guidance Office and the CCC host parent and student information nights throughout the year around course selection and college topics. Details about these information nights are sent out through the M-A PTA BearNotes and to students and parents through Naviance. If you haven’t already subscribed to the M-A PTA BearNotes, please do subscribe. Be sure that your students are checking their "" email on a regular basis for updates and announcements. Naviance keeps a record of all emails sent to students through its system.


College Visits
Colleges from all over the country visit M-A to meet prospective students here. The CCC schedules these visits throughout the year, but most of them occur in the Fall semester. Juniors and Seniors can attend by simply checking the schedule on Naviance, signing up on Naviance, and getting permission from his/her teacher if the visit is during class time. These events are for Gr. 11 and 12 students only and are terrific opportunities to hear about colleges from the very admission officers who will read applications from M-A.


College Application Support for Students
Ms. Nguyen is available by appointment and drop-in office hours to help you with finding colleges that could be a good fit for you, advice and assistance on your applications, and feedback on your college essays. Drop-in office hours are brunch, lunch, Flex Time, and Wednesdays during zero period.

Fee Waivers

Students who are eligible for a fee waiver to take the SAT/ACT or for college application fees are typically students who are also eligible for free or reduced lunch, and/or participate in programs like AVID. If you need a fee waiver to take the SAT/ACT or to apply to colleges, please see your advisor.

Jobs, Work Permits, and more
Need a work permit? Looking for a job? Mr. Stuart is available to help you at lunch time Tuesday-Friday in P-5. Local internships that we hear about are posted in the "Enrichment Programs" section of Naviance.