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Summer School Programs

M-A Summer School 2024

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M-A Summer School 2024

There will be 2 sessions:
Session I: Thursday, June 13 - Wednesday, July 3
No School  June 19, July 4, or July 5
Principal: Ms. Valencia
Session 2: Monday, July 8 - Thursday, July 25
Principal: Ms. De Seta 
Students have already or will soon be receiving a letter with their schedule and more specific information. Make sure to read the letter and complete any attached/linked forms. 
Summer School Bell Schedule and other info
Classes will be in person and held from 8:30 am to 2:00 pm daily. 
More details on the classes and programs will be updated in May. 
Absence and behavior policy:
Students and their parents will be required to sign the Summer School Behavior Contract and bring it signed on the first day of Summer School.
Students can only miss up to 10 hours of school per session, at the 10th hour of absence (or 2 days), the student will be dropped from the class and will not receive any credit.  For quarter classes (PE) the max hour of absence is 5 (1 day). Per EdCode there are no exceptions to this rule. 
If you have any questions, contact the Summer School Principal of each session you are interested in
session 1 Ms. Valencia
session 2 Ms. De Seta at
The Main office will be closed in July.
Compass Program, 2024

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Compass Program, 2024

Tuesday, June 18 - Friday, July 12
No School Monday, July 3, or Tuesday, July 4 
Time: 9:00am - 2:00pm
Any questions should be directed to the Compass coordinator Ms. K. Flores at
For more information, please refer to the Compass Website.