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All English classes have summer reading assignments.


Some AP or AS Classes, but not all, require summer assignments, if you do not see a tab for your AP or AS class below, then that class does not have a summer assignment.
Summer Assignments for ALL CLASSES

Summer_Assignments_for_ALL_CLASSES iconSummer Assignments for ALL CLASSEStitle

In-Coming 9th Graders

All Freshmen have a summer reading assignment for English.
Choose a book from this list.
Complete this document.
If you need help getting a book, please check out our library resource page for summer reading.

English Summer Reading

Every Student is expected to have a Summer Reading Assignment in their English Class.
Refer to the chart below to help determine which book you need to read.
(9th Grade)
(10th Grade)
(11th Grade)
(12th Grade)
English I; Multicultural Literature & Voice English II English III
English IV &
Film as Literature
Choose ONE book from this list.
Then complete
         by MT Anderson 
    Dear Martin
by Nic Stone
Just Mercy
by Bryan Stevenson
Choose your own book, over 150 pages, that you have not read before.
  AS English II AS English III AP Literature
Incoming 9th Graders, if you need help with getting these books, explore our library's page for Summer Reading
     by Madeline Miller
The Namesake
by Jhumpa Lahiri
As I Lay Dying
     by William Faulkner
Book of Delights
     by Ross Gay
    AP Language English IV:Creative Writing
by Tara
Flash Fiction Forward
Edited by James Thomasand Robert Shapard

AP Art History

By way of introduction to an entirely new and unfamiliar discipline, please familiarize yourself with the following brief but thought-provoking primers. The first is a video by Dana Arnold that offers 10 things you should know about art history as an academic exercise. The second is an article by Peter Schjeldahl from the June 4, 2016 issue of The New Yorker magazine. Time commitment for this part of the exercise = 15 minutes, max!

Dana Arnold “Art History: A Very Short Introduction"
Peter Schjeldahl “The Spectacle of the Spectacles”

Now comes the actual work: select an art work (truly, any art work!) that appeals to you. Write a brief description of the work, focusing on what you can observe simply by looking at it closely. Then, interpret the meaning of the work, as you understand it. Please don’t research to “discover” the “true” meaning. Don’t even worry about the artist’s intent. Just explain what the work communicates to you, and why you consider the work to be “art.” Please include a link to an image of the work online so I can share in your discovery.
Time commitment = 30 minutes, at most.

Happy summer! See you in August.

Ms. Strub

AP Biology

Please pick up the textbook: Campbell's Biology
Download both Instructions and Example.
If you have any questions, contact Mr. Roisen at

AP Chemistry

AP Chemistry Summer Assignment
Please pick up a copy of the Zumdahl textbook in the library.  Your summer assignment is shown below and is due on the first day of school.
Please use significant figures for all of your calculations and show units.



Problem sets: Please do the following problems from the textbook


Read Ch.1 and complete the problem set – you should spend 1 hr

#26, 30, 72, 79, 81, 83, 87, 88


Read Ch.2 and complete the problem set – spend about 1-2 hrs

#19, 23, 28, 29, 32, 34, 42, 56, 62, 72, 78


Read Ch.3 and complete the problem set- spend 1-2 hrs

#66, 70, 76


Please email with questions.


AP Comp Sci JAVA

For students who have taken AP CSP or Mobile Apps, there is no Summer Assignment! You are excused! Enjoy the rest of your summer and I’ll see you in August! 
For students with no or little prior experience, it's important to have a working knowledge of the basics of programming before coming into AP CSA. Students who have a basic working knowledge of any programming language often earn 5’s and A’s at a much higher rate than those who come into the class without any experience, and understand the topics much better. For your summer assignment, you are expected to learn the basics of Object-Oriented programming.
You may choose one of the following two options: from this Google Doc
If you get stuck, you can ask me questions during that first week. Or you can email me over the summer at:

Finish all lessons in this Google Doc.

AP Environmental Science

Details of what to do are provided here on the new APES Web Site.

AP French

AP French Summer Assignments 2023
Please complete these assignments over the summer. You will have to read three articles of your choice and write a summary of each. Your assignments are due on the first Friday after school starts (Aug.18). You will be able to upload your docs to Canvas on the first day of school.  
Here are the detailed instructions for your assignments: Devoirs de vacances
If you have any questions, please email me at I will have limited access to my email from July 1- 20. 
Passez de très bonnes vacances!
Mme. Bhagwat

AP Latin

Before the beginning of  the school year, please, do the following:
Expect a vocabulary quiz and a reading exam of the books 1-5 of the Aeneid withing the frist 2-3 weeks of shool.
Memento: keep it positive, omnia vicit amor.  VALETE: have a wonderful summer. 
Please email me with questions, comments, and concerns:

AP Photo

There are 5 parts to this assignment.  Complete each one.
Contact me at for any questions.

AP Spanish Literature

Information for AP Spanish Literature's Summer Assigment is provided here on this Google Doc
Please contact me if you have any questions:

AP Studio Art

AP Studio Art Summer Assignment
The Summer Assignment is all contained in the Links below. The assignment consists of 3 artworks, each of which should take a minimum of 5 hours to create and complete by the beginning of the school year, as well as a collection of 50 or more photographs (printed and contained in a physical folder) to be used as references for artworks to be made throughout the year in class.

The links also include examples and "handouts" to be used to build understanding of the instructions and my expectations of the work to be done in the artworks. Also included in the links are Project Grade Forms to be filled out, for each of the 3 artworks separately (3 project grade forms total) and a grade form for the photo file. All work and the forms will be turned in the first week of school.
Please download the project forms to your device before you edit them.


Determine any areas of weakness that we should focus on at some time during the school year.
Establish a routine and pacing for making art during the school year.
Create artworks that might work within your Portfolio for submission as your AP Studio Art Exam.


Materials needed:

Students can acquire the materials for themselves, or reach out to Ms. Ulloa at If you wish, students can easily acquire the art materials online or "pick-up" at retailers such as Michaels Arts & Crafts. The materials for the 3 artworks are:

Paper - art drawing paper (for all 3 drawings), with a smooth surface, size 18-inches by 12-inches
Medium - your choice(s) of art drawing pencils, graphite sticks and/or charcoal
Follow the links and download the docs to your own PC or laptop computer. Use the information in the links to read and follow directions, see examples for what I'm expecting in your work, and fill out project grade forms once the assignment parts are completed for the beginning of the school year.

AP US History

All of the summer assignment details and links are on the

AP World History

AP World: Modern

Ms. Candace Bolles (she/her/hers) ~
Ms. Amira Sani (she/her/hers)
Mr. Marcus Kevorkyan (he/him/his)
2. Read Ways of the World: Ch 1
3. Read Ways of the World: Ch 2 (pg 51-63 China, Korea, Vietnam, Japan)
  • You will need to checkout the textbook as I do not have electronic version
  • Library Hrs June M-F (7:30am - 3:45pm: closed noon-1pm)
  • Start taking notes using Chapter 2 Reading Notes
  • If you have the time, reading all of Ch 2 would be beneficial
  • You will take a reading quiz on Ch 2 the 2nd week of school

Due Wednesday, August 14th
You will submit both assignments to Canvas when school begins. 
We will review these assignments the first week of school, so it is important that you have them completed on time.
Please email  (I check my email infrequently over the summer, so please be patient)

AS Algebra II

Please read and complete this google doc.
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact


AVID students (Grades 10-12) will write an argumentative paragraph based on what message the author of their summer reading book was trying to convey to their audience. 

After students have finished reading their assigned book for next year’s English class, this assignment should take between one and two hours. Any questions should be directed to your AVID teacher!


Library Hours

All Texts for Summer assignments can be checked out in the Library Text Room from 7:45 AM to 3:30 PM Monday through Friday during the month of June. The text room will be closed from 12-1 for lunch.  For July, please check the webpage below for limited hours.
For more info, go to the M-A's Library Page.