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World Languages

The Menlo-Atherton World Language Department supports all language-learning. While a world language is not required for high school graduation, it is required for admission to college and university. The World Language Department proudly offers courses in French, Latin, Mandarin, Spanish, and Spanish for Heritage Speakers at all levels. Our courses allow students to study the history and participate in the culture activities of the chosen language. Some courses offer travel opportunities that further enhance our student’s language experience.
French Latin Mandarin Spanish for Spanish Language Learners Spanish for HERITAGE Speakers
French I Latin I Mandarin I Spanish I
French II Latin II Mandarin II Spanish II Spanish II
French III Latin III Mandarin III Spanish III Spanish III
French IV Latin IV Mandarin IV Spanish IV Spanish IV
AP French AP Latin AP Mandarin AP Spanish Language and Culture AP Spanish Language and Culture
Latin VI (Independent Study) AP Spanish Literature AP Spanish Literature
      Conversational Spanish through Film Conversational Spanish through Film
World Language Teachers

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World Language Teachers

Barlow, Nicole Spanish 2 & 4 E-13
De Seta, Maria Luisa  Latin 1-4 & AP  E-12
Calonje, Salvadora Department Head, Spanish 4NS, APNS, &AP F-8
Maldonado, Maribel Spanish 2, 4NS, & AVID F-18
Martina, Maggi Spanish 2 & 3 E-11
Mueller, Michael Spanish 2 E-15
Oropeza-Gamez, Julieta  Spanish 1 & 3  E-16
Rodriguez, Angelica Spanish 3NS, 4, & AP Spanish Lit E-17
Roy-Sajja, Marie-Andree French 1 & 2 E-10
Tubiana, Florence French 3, 4, & AP E-15
Dong, Rui Chinese 1-4 E-14