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Mandarin Course Level Breakdown

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Class descriptions of levels I through AP Mandarin

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Themes in connection to AP

Mandarin I

(Target Language Use 80%-90%)

Students will:

  • Say greetings

  • Introduce herself/himself to others

  • Talk about where they are from (city and country)

  • Address family members

  • Talk about their hobbies, likes and dislikes

  • Tell numbers, time, week, date and birthday

  • Tell phone numbers and address

  • Talk about daily routines

  • Tell locations of objects

  • Talk about common stuff in a classroom;

  • Talk about jobs, grade, and dream job

  • Offer beverages to visitors

  • Arrange a date

  • Introduce one person to another

  • Compliment on a person and his/her house

  • Talk about colors, clothes

  • Describe one’s appearance

  • Tell common animals (and zodiac animals)

Personal & public identities


-beliefs & values

Families & communities

-family structures

Mandarin II

(Target Language Use 90%)

Students will:

  • Answer a phone call and initiate a phone conversation

  • Set up an appointment on the phone;

  • Ask for a favor

  • Comment on one’s performance

  • Talk about study habits

  • Remark on typical scenes from one’s class

  • Describe one’s daily routine

  • Use monetary units

  • Shop clothes and stationary

  • Talk about common transportation means and describe a traffic route

  • Express gratitude

  • Talk about weather and activities one can do in a certain weather condition

  • Order food in a restaurant

  • Know popular foods in Chinese and American culture

Personal & public identities

-One’s daily life


Families & communities

-family structures

Contemporary life




Mandarin III

(Target Language Use 95%)

Students will:

  • Ask for and give directions

  • Talk about distance

  • Describe a party

  • Talk about symptoms of a cold and allergies

  • Invite someone to to on a date

  • Accept and decline a date politely

  • Describe your current and ideal living quarters

  • Name common pieces of furniture

  • Name popular sports and discuss your feelings about various sports

  • Describe a city/place

  • Talk about your plans for summer vacation

  • Make a comparison between a Chinese item and English item

  • Book flight tickets and check in at the airport

Personal & public identities

-One’s daily life


Contemporary life


-Leisure activities

Personal & public identities

-beliefs & values

Mandarin IV

(Target Language Use 100%)

Students will:

  • Discuss and debate over the pros and cost of living at home and renting an apartment

  • Express politely a dissenting opinion during discussion and when debating

  • Discuss the characteristics of Chinese names

  • Compare one's own living quarters and with the dorms and dorm life in China

  • Explore the historical type of residence called Siheyuan

  • Investigate and discuss Chinese culinary culture

  • Describe one’s shopping preferences and criteria, and disagree with others on which items to buy tactfully

  • Explore the cultural differences in payment methods, sales tax, bargaining

  • Talk about academic courses and extracurricular activities, and compare the educational systems in two countries

  • Investigate and compare cultural dating norms

  • Discuss personalities, hobbies and interests

  • Discuss the pros and the cons of using new technology

  • Indicate agreement or disagreement, and present their opinions about parents' aspirations for their children

  • Give a brief introduction to the geographic features of China

  • Appreciate poems and original literary works

  • Families & communities

  • School layout structures

  • Friendship & love

Contemporary life

  • Food

  • Travel

  • Educational systems

Personal & public identities

  • Beliefs & values

Science & technology

  • Social impact & technology

AP Chinese

(Target Language Use 100%)

Students will:

  • Developing appreciation and awareness of the Chinese cultures

  • Topics include:

  • cultural celebrations

  • beliefs and attitudes

  • interests and career

  • teen life/self and global community

  • famous people

  • social issues and current events

  • art and music appreciation

  • literature and poetry

  • geography/climate/political divisions, etc..

  • All are relevant toAP themes