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Biliteracy Seal

195 students received the seal and medal of biliteracy in 2022.
 Congratulation class of 2022!

The California Department of Education will award qualifying high school graduating students with the Biliteracy Seal . It is an award to recognize a student 's ability to read, write and speak one or more languages in addition to English in a high level of proficiency.  The Biliteracy Seal is placed on the diploma of the graduating student. If a student meets the requirements set by the state, they will also be awarded with a certificate from the San Mateo County and a medal from the Sequoia Union High School District. Each year the requirements may differ but here are the ones that have been kept consistent: 

  • Successful completion of 4 years of English with a GPA of 2.0 
  • Successful completion of an equivalent of 4 years in a language other than English with a GPA of 3.0
    • Another way to fulfill this requirement is if a student takes the AP Exam in a language other than English and passes with a 3 or more 

  • Successful completion of the ELA CAASPP which is administered to Juniors. (Since students in 2020-2021 were not administered the exam due to the pandemic, we are waiting for more information in regards to this requirement).