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Swimming Rules

Student Agreement and Policies for Pool Use

Student_Agreement_and_Policies_for_Pool_Use iconStudent Agreement and Policies for Pool Usetitle

  1. No diving in shallow end of the pool
  2. Rinse off in shower before entering the pool.
  3. No running on pool deck
  4. No horseplay in the pool or on the pool deck
  5. No splashing, tackling or dunking other students in the pool. Be aware of the shallow end of the pool that goes to the deep end of the pool


  1. Enter the pool from the blacktop (do not go into the locker room).
  2. Sit quietly in the bleachers (no cell phones, ipods, etc.).
  3. Do not leave until teacher has taken roll & excused you.


  1. You must wear a swimming suit in the pool.
  2. Boys - swim trunks or board shorts (mesh inner liner in suit)
  3. Girls - 1 or 2 piece swimsuit (board shorts are acceptable)
  4. Do not wear your physical education shorts or shirt in the pool.
  5. You may wear a shirt (no bright colors).
  6. Please bring a towel.
  7. Goggles & swim cap are optional.
  8. You must have your P.E. clothes and athletic shoes in your locker.
  • Swimmers will enter & exit pool area from the locker room shower area.
  • Roll will be taken in the pool.
  • A doctor’s note to excuse a student from swimming must be received before the swim unit begins.