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P.E. Contract

Physical Education Contract & Class Policies

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The physical education staff expects all students to respect all members of the physical education staff, coaches, instructional aides and substitute teachers.


  1. Students must wear Bear Wear (maroon/gold) or plain maroon shorts/sweatpants, plain gold t-shirt/maroon sweatshirt, and athletic shoes to physical education class.
  2. DO NOT wear clothes worn to school under your physical education clothes.
  3. DO NOT share physical education clothes.
  4. If your physical education clothes are lost, see a teacher immediately.
  5. Official physical education clothes can be purchased all year long from the treasurer.


  1. Students will be assigned a locker in the respective locker room at the beginning of the school year.
  2. The locker is to be used for only the storage of items used in physical education class.
  3. Lockers and the combination to a students’ locker are not to be shared by students.
  4. Students should make sure their locker is locked at all times.
  5. If something happens to your lock or locker, see a physical education teacher immediately.


  1. Students are expected to dress in physical education clothes and participate each day.
  2. Students should not bring valuables to physical education class.
  3. Students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner which will reflect a positive image of themselves.
  4. Students will not be allowed to use any physical education equipment without supervision by physical education teachers.
  5. In order to maintain a reasonable clean environment No food, candy, drinks, or gum will be allowed in the gyms, dance rooms, weight & fitness rooms, and swimming pool area. Water is OK.
  6. Parent notes are NOT accepted.
  7. Doctor notes must be turned in to the school health clerk.
  8. Students who are not participating must stay with their class.
  9. Students must ask permission to leave class for any reason.