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Math Acceleration & Summer School Options

Math Acceleration

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Math Acceleration

Sequoia Union High School District Acceleration Policy

While the Sequoia Union High School District will accept the acceleration of students through a WASC accredited school, UC approved online or summer program, not all summer or online courses are of similar quality. Sequoia Union High School District students who take Geometry or Algebra during the school year receive 139 hours of classroom instruction and do an average of 30 minutes of homework for each hour of instruction, for a total of 208.5 hours. Because some online and summer courses offer much less instructional time and lack the advantage of a classroom instructor who is able to re-teach and offer individual support in the moment, students participating in abbreviated programs will be at a disadvantage when proceeding through a four-year high school math pathway.

M-A Math Acceleration and Advanced Courses Statement


The M-A Math Department, in conjunction with the SUHSD, does not recommend summer acceleration.  We strongly discourage students from trying to accelerate levels over the summer. We do not believe that a 4-6 week summer program can replace a year's worth of learning.  School-year classroom instruction helps to promote the foundations of successful mathematical practices and skills. These foundations will be the basis of future success in a student's course of study and for future national assessments and placements.
The Menlo-Atherton Math Department offers a wide variety of courses for all levels of math students.  Our AS and AP pathways are very challenging and offer a very rigorous curriculum.  Our advanced classes require students to engage in higher-level problem solving, synthesize several topics and apply their learning.  These fast-paced classes require independent exploration and logical proof of mathematical properties.


Please consider the following:
  • The M-A Math Department does not recommend summer acceleration.
  • Students enrolling in advanced classes from a college preparatory class should be able to clearly explain their goals, why they want to change pathways and how they will advocate for themselves.
  • Families should refer to the program planning handbook for course descriptions and prerequisites.
  • Families should refer to the M-A rigor chart for student-reported levels of rigor and homework load.
  • Families should plan the desired course pathway and have a specific course goal for the student's senior year.
  • Students should discuss their options with their school counselor and current math teacher.
  • Students must follow the process and timelines for registering for summer programs.  See for more information and concurrent enrollment forms.
  • Students must meet the prerequisites for their math placement or the family must sign a waiver.

Math Acceleration Files

The following files contain information about summer school options for current M-A students and incoming 9th graders.  They also include important information about the general deadlines for transcripts and enrollment forms.  For more details and deadlines, please see our Guidance Department page.  
Click below for a PDF of options.