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English Language Learners/Aprendices de Ingles


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The program for English Learners is designed to ensure that students receive the systematic instruction in English needed to reach full academic proficiency in English as rapidly as possible. English Learners are also provided a full spectrum of courses that meet graduation requirements and prepare them for post-secondary educational opportunities. English Learners (ELs) entering the Sequoia Union High School District from elementary schools are registered through the same process as all students.

All English Learners are placed in an appropriate English course based on their previous scores on the Gates-MacGinitie Reading Test and the California English Language Development Test (CELDT).

In addition, recently-immigrated students score at the CELDT levels of Beginning, Early Intermediate, and Intermediate levels are placed in two courses (English Language Arts (ELA) & English Language Development (ELD), each with levels one, two & three) in order to accelerate English acquisition. Through each semester of ELA, students earn 5 credits of English credit toward graduation, and through ELD, students earn 5 elective credits each semester. English Learners at Early Advanced and Advanced levels on CELDT are placed in general program English courses with Direct-Interactive Instruction (DII) support. All students earn 5 English credits per semester through their English classes.

As with all 9th & 10th graders in the general program, ELs in the general program who qualify, will have a support class for English.

All EL students have advocates in the Bilingual Resource Teacher (Mr. Ready x50143), located in the front office, and the Parent Coordinator (Lilly Quinonez x50255) in room B-20. Mr. Ready and Ms. Quiñonez work directly with students and families to help resolve any challenges that arise during the year. If there are any questions or concerns about your child’s progress, please find one or both to support you in resolving your difficulties.
ELD Teachers

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Call M-A at 650-322-5311
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