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Requesting Accommodations from College Board for SAT and AP Testing

If your child has a documented disability and needs accommodations to take a College Board test, the instructional vice principal’s office can work with you to request those accommodations from the College Board.  Once approved by the College Board, accommodations can be used to take the SAT, SAT subject tests, PSAT, and AP exams.  
The approval process can take up to seven weeks, so it is important that we start early. 
Start by completing the parent consent form and then reach out to the IVP office at or call at 650 322 5311 ext. 50113.  
Keep in mind that students who use accommodations in school, have an individualized Education Program (IEP), or a 504 plan are not automatically qualified for the College Board testing accommodations.  Students must request accommodations from the College Board in order to receive accommodations on either the SAT, PSAT, or AP exams.   
Menlo-Atherton offers the following tests throughout the year for M-A students only:
AP Testing in May: If your child is planning on taking an AP test this year and needs accommodations approved by the college board, please contact the IVP office as soon as possible.
SAT testing occurs throughout the year at various local sites:  Typically students take the SAT in the spring of their junior year and/or the fall of senior year.  Some students choose to take the SAT subject tests at the end of their sophomore or junior school year.  M-A only organizes SAT testing for students who need accommodations and request to have the test taken at M-A through the College Board.  Again, if accommodations are needed, please contact the IVP office.  
For more information about testing accommodations or to inquire about the process please contact Ofa Taimani, assistant to the IVP office, at or call at 650 322 5311 ext. 50113.