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The school profile covers general information about the community, school, courses, academics, student activities, athletics, and testing.
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Menlo-Atherton High School is a four-year comprehensive secondary school that was established in 1951. The school has a national reputation for academic excellence. It is located in a suburban community between San Francisco and San Jose, CA, in close proximity to Stanford University and the Silicon Valley. Menlo-Atherton serves a community with high academic expectations and strong support for quality public education. The student body reflects the area’s wide range of social, economic, cultural, and educational diversity.  Teachers and staff have recently completed all-staff training centered around equitable practices in order to meet the needs of our diverse student body.


Menlo-Atherton has an approximate enrollment of 2,150 students.  Our schedule is a modified block, with three seven period days of 50-minute periods and two block days with 85-minute periods.  Most students are enrolled in six classes.  Of the certificated staff of 160, over 55% have master’s and doctorate degrees.  Menlo-Atherton also has student teachers from various nearby universities. Menlo-Atherton has a rich history of academic excellence; it has been named one of the top secondary schools in the nation by the United States Department of Education as part of its National Blue Ribbon School’s Recognition Program.  We have been named a California Distinguished School and Newsweek has consistently ranked Menlo-Atherton as one of the top public high schools in the United States.