Pilot Bell SchedulesTop of Page

Menlo-Atherton will be piloting two different bell schedules from January 29th through March 16.  Sam Trans is unable to change the times of their current routes. The PAC and Library are open to students at 7:30 in the morning should they arrive early and staff will be informed that some students may be late due to the alternate schedule. 

If you have questions about transportation please direct these to Dr. Bachechi at bbachechi@seq.org

Sam Trans UpdatesTop of Page

Please note that beginning on 1/21/18 Sam Trans will combine bus routes 286 and 86.  This is in an effort to provide additional capacity for students traveling East to Menlo-Atherton.  The link for the schedule is:    Sam Trans 86/286.

Safe Routes Grant and SurveyTop of Page

Menlo-Atherton was successful in receiving a $14,000 Safe Routes to School Grant.  Funds will be used to encourage sustainable transportation choices, support our transportation initiatives and increase educational programs and clubs focused on alternate travel. 

The County Safe Routes program would like to have parents or older students complete the following Surveys: 

New Menlo Park Shuttle ServiceTop of Page

New Shuttle Routes Menlo-Atherton
AM Service
First four runs of our new “M2-Belle Haven” line shuttle will stop by M-A:
  • 6:55am
  • 7:40am
  • 8:22am
  • 9:07am
Should account for majority of school start times
Goes down Middlefield
Stops at SamTrans stop right before Ringwood 
PM Service
Runs 7, 8, 11, and 12 will stop by M-A:
  • 12:49pm
  • 1:34pm
  • 4:02pm
  • 4:47pm
Should account for early days, and gives students enough time after class ends
Stops at Middlefield/Ravenswood

More information can be found at www.menlopark.org/DocumentCenter/View/13025

SamTrans RoutesTop of Page

In an effort to have more students find alternative transportation to school, SamTrans will be offering a new bus routes and better schedules to and from M-A.

Please review the following schedules.  
SamTrans bus passes are available for purchase in the Treasurer’s Office during first 10 days of each month.

District Bus RoutesTop of Page

Sequoia Union High School District's transportation is continually working on creating more routes for students to get to and from school.  
There is a new late schedule for Route 104 leaving Monday through Thursday at 5 PM, and a new route extending through East Palo Alto.