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The Menlo-Atherton Social Studies Department offers a variety of courses and electives to engage students. The Social Studies course of study is based on the California Social Studies Standards and Framework. The standards are composed of objectives for each grade level. Students learn to analyze cultures and explore concepts of change. Students also interpret historical information using historical research and evidence to determine causes and consequences of major historical events. Additionally, all Social Studies classes help students build skills in the development of formal thought processes and academic language. Our Social Studies department is committed to teaching to the standards. Students must pass three and a half years of required Social Studies courses to graduate.

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Teacher Website 
Amoroso, Michael 
B-21 mamoroso@seq.org
Bolles, Candace
Economics, Acad Government
& Acad Economics
B-1 cbolles@seq.org
Bradbury, Cassia
Acad Modern European History,
& Acad US History
P-1 cbradbury@seq.org
Florio, John
AP European History,
& Government
B-10 jflorio@seq.org
Galliano, Christina
Modern European History,
US History, & Gender Studies
B-4 cgalliano@seq.org
Jacobson, Ellen
& Driver's Ed
G-6 ejacobson@seq.org
Degar, Bryan
Modern European History,
& World Studies
E-22 bdegar@seq.org
Harris, Sam
US History,
& World Studies
F-16  sharris@seq.org
Johnson, Ahzha
Modern European History,
& World Studies
F-12  ajohnson@seq.org
Oropeza-Gamez, Adriana
Modern European History,
& World Studies
B-5  aoropezagamez@seq.org
Perry, Alan
Department Head
Modern European History & Ethnic Studies
G-7   aperry@seq.org
Senigaglia, Jonathan
US History,
& Economics
D-9  jsenigaglia@seq.org Mr. Senigaglia's Website
Shloss, Linda
Modern European History,
& World Studies
E-21 lschloss@seq.org
Signore, Luca
US History,
& World Studies
G-5 lsignore@seq.org  
Snow, Paul
Athletics Director
US History, & Sports Leadership
G-6 tinyurl.com/mrsnowman
Uhalde, Jenny
US History,
& Modern European History
B-2 juhalde@seq.org
Veder, Mitchell
AP US History,
& Modern European History
B-11 mveder@seq.org
Wellington, Benjamin
AP US History,
& Journalism
B-3 bwellington@seq.org