Menlo-Atherton High School
Typical (but not required) Science Course Pathways


  • All courses apply toward district Science requirement for graduation.
  • All courses except 9th Grade Environmental Science apply toward U.C. Lab Course requirement.
  • Many students take more than one science course in a given school year.

The Program Planning Handbook contains course descriptions and prerequisites.

Download Science Course Pathways and 9th Grade Science Course Descriptions

Science Teachers

Teacher Website 
Bland, Erika Marine Biology & Avid F-14  
Brown, Kari Physics F-18  
Caryotakis, Maria AS Chemistry, Regular Chemistry C-1  
Chow, Morene Chemistry, AS Chemistry C-4  
Day, Nancy Advanced Biology, Biology, & Human Biology F-10  
DeCurtins, Jeff Department Head, AS Physics & AP Physics C-2  Class Website
Gilfillan, Crystal Biology & Advanced Integrated Science D-1  
Hughes, Kristen Environmental Chemistry F-14  
McAllister, Beth AP Chemistry C-4  
Ligget, David Biology, & Advanced Integrated Science F-11  
Longyear, Rick Biology & Advanced Biology E-1  
Olsson, Brett Acad Biology & Acad Environmental Chemistry F-15  
Owens, Stephanie Environmental Chemistry, & Biology D-2  
Penglase, Andrea Biology & Advanced Integrated Science
Powell, Lance AP Environmental Science C-0  
Richards, Rachel Advanced Biology & Environmental Chemistry F-13  
Roisen, Patrick AP Biology & Advanced Integrated Science E-2  
Sandora, Matt AS Chemistry  C-1  
Vanderway, Joseph AS Physics & Physics D-4  

Contact Info

If you have additional M-A Science questions not addressed by this site you can contact individual science teachers via the M-A home page or you can contact the Science Department Chair:

Jeff DeCurtins