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Math Department Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Middle-School Acceleration Affect a Student’s Schedule?
If a student completes Geometry during the 8th grade, their math schedule could be:

9th AS Algebra II

10th Pre-Calculus

11th Calculus AB or BC (with summer program)

12th AP Statistics


9th AS Algebra II

10th Pre-Calculus

11th Calculus AB

12th Calculus BC (no summer program)

Students may enroll in two math classes by take AP Statistics either junior or senior year.


What if I begin In Algebra, but Want to Complete AP Calculus or take AS Chemistry?
M-A offers a special summer Geometry Class, between the 9th and 10th grade year, that is only offered to students earning a “A” or “B” in Algebra at M-A. This summer Geometry class will also enable a student to be eligible for AS Chemistry in 10th grade which requires concurrent enrollment in AS Algebra II.


Is It A Good Idea To Take Algebra II during the Summer?
We do not recommend taking Algebra II during the summer. The only course recommended for summer is Geometry. If a student still wants to do it, there are no options within the district. Students will have to go to either a community college or a private school summer program. The summer programs will not offer the same challenge or rigor as they will have less instructional time than during a normal school year. If a student chooses a community college, they should bring in a course description to the math department chair before signing-up. On-line learning is an option as well and most students do it with BYU. Any outside option involves paperwork which a student should get from their counselor.


What is the Policy on Transferring from AS Algebra II to regular Algebra II?
If a student wants to move from A.S. to regular Algebra II or Pre-Calculus to Algebra II/Trig it can only happen at 3 times during the year:

1. The first two weeks of school

2. At the end of the first quarter (depending on availability in desired classes)

3. At the end of the fall semester.

No changes will be allowed once students have received their fall grades AND Algebra II teachers have begun teaching the Spring Semester.


What is The Difference Between AB Calculus and BC Calculus?
The differences between AB and BC are how much Calculus content is taught. AB is the first 6 chapters of our Calculus book. BC is our entire Calculus book plus one more chapter. Specifically BC calculus content includes Advanced Integration techniques, Polar, Parametric and Vector Calculus, and MacLaurin and Taylor Series.


Who Should Take BC Calculus?
BC Calculus is considered to be the toughest AP exam of them all. It is a great course for students who are considering engineering, science, mathematics, business and economics majors in college.


How Do I Sign Up For Summer Calculus Program?
There is no formal process to sign-up for the Summer Calculus program. When a student signs-up to enroll in AP Calculus BC for the following school year it is assumed that they will be in the summer program. Families with students in the Summer Program will be contacted in April with more information. The times and dates for AP Summer Calculus are usually the first four weeks of summer, from 8 am to noon.


When Should I Take the Math Subject Exam, Level II?
Mr. Whitnah, our SAT math teacher, recommends that students take the Math Subject Test II after a student completes Pre-Calculus. In May, M-A offers 2-week review classes in Math, Biology, Literature and Chemistry.


What Are The Textbooks Used at M-A?

Algebra: Prentice Hall "Algebra 1" California edition ISBN # 0-13-044263-1

AP Statistics: The Practice of Statistics ISBN 0-7167-3370-6

Calculus: Calculus of a Single Variable ISBN 0-534-93924-4

Pre-Calculus: Pre-calculus Enhance with Graphing Utilities, 5th edition ISBN # 978-0-13-135694-8

Algebra II: Prentice Hall Classics "Algebra and Trigonometry" ISBN# 0-13-165710-0

Geometry: Discovering Geometry ISBN #978-1-4652-5502-0

Integrated Math: Integrated Mathematics ISBN# 0-618-07394-9



What Kind of Calculator Should I Buy for M-A?
As a matter of equity, M-A limits graphing calculator usage on Quizzes and Tests to the list of calculators approved for the AP Calculus and AP Statistics exams. These include:

* Calculator is recommended by AP folks

Texas Instruments
TI-83/TI-83 Plus*
TI-83 Plus Silver*
TI-84 Plus*
TI-84 Plus Silver*
TI-84 Plus C Silver*
TI-89 Titanium*
TI-Nspire/TI-Nspire CX*
TI-Nspire CAS/TI-Nspire CX CAS*
TI-Nspire CM-C*
TI-Nspire CAS CX-C*

FX-6000 series
FX-6200 series
FX-6300 series
FX-6500 series
FX-7000 series
FX-7300 series
FX-7400 series
FX-7500 series
FX-7700 series
FX-7800 series
FX-8000 series
FX-8500 series
FX-8700 series
FX-8800 series
FX-9700 series*
FX-9750 series*
FX-9860 series*
CFX-9800 series*
CFX-9850 series*
CFX-9950 series*
CFX-9970 series*
FX 1.0 series*
Algebra FX 2.0 series*

HP-28 series*
HP-39 series*
HP-40 series*
HP-48 series*
HP-49 series*
HP-50 series*

Radio Shack

EL-9200 series*
EL-9300 series*
EL-9600 series*†
EL-9900 series*

Datexx DS-883