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Our English Department is committed to a rigorous course of study. Our goal is to foster critical thinking and a lifelong love of literature and learning. The Sequoia Union High School District English course of study is aligned with the Common Core Standards and Framework. The standards are composed of objectives for each grade level in the areas of language, critical thinking, speaking, writing, listening and reading, all based on the study of significant literature and non-fiction from various cultures and eras. Our English department is committed to teach to the standards. Students must pass four years of English to graduate; all courses are two semesters in duration.

Ninth-grade students are initially placed in classes based on the Gates-McGinitie reading test and teacher recommendations. However, students can remain at a current level or move up a level depending on their work ethic and skill level (as determined by the grade and teacher recommendation in the class)

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Teacher Website 
Angelone, Maria Creative Writing, English III C-12 mangelone@seq.org  
Asanuma, Leia
AS English I, ELA III D-7 lasanuma@seq.org  
Bathauer, Danette  English I, Drama 1, 2, & 3 C-16  
Burton-Tillson, Cat  English I Intensive, & AVID F-17 cburton@seq.org Ms. Burton's Website
Choe, Susie  AS English I, English II, ELA
P-3 suchoe@seq.org  
Duarte, Michael  AS English III, English IV H-4 mduarte@seq.org  
Ferreira, Carla
AS English I, ELA II G-9 cferreira@seq.org   
Gerth, Anton  English I, & II  E-3  agerth@seq.org  
Gill, Lara
English I, & III P-2, P-3 lgill@seq.org  
Jaworski, Alana
AS English II, English II Intensive
P-6 ajaworski@seq.org  
Kane, Marei
AP English Comp, ELA I 
C-14 mkane@seq.org  Ms. Kane's Website
Keigher, Katharine
AS English II, English II
B-22 kkeigher@seq.org  
Kirkpatrick, Shannon
English III, AP English Comp
H-3 skirkpatrick@seq.org  
Kranzler, Tania
English IV Lit/Write, AP English Lit
D-6 tkranzler@seq.org  
LaPine, Katelyn
AS English II C-16, B-22 klapine@seq.org  
McBlair, John
AP English Comp, AS English II, English I F-9 jmcblair@seq.org  
Moore, Carrie Ruth
English I, AS English I G-8 cmoore@seq.org  
Nelson, JP
English I, AP English I, & ELA I P-2 jpnelson@seq.org  
Otsuka, Lisa
Department Head, AP English Lit, Psychology
C-11 lotsuka@seq.org  Mrs. Otsuka's Website
Placencia, Elizabeth
AS English III C-15 eplacencia@seq.org  
Solomon, Daryl
Academy English II & III D-24 dsolomon@seq.org  
Strub, Liane
AS English II, AP Art History  C-15 lstrub@seq.org  
Todd, Kelly
English I, & II E-20 ktodd@seq.org  
Ventura, Ana
English III G-3 aventura@seq.org  Ms. Ventura's Website
Vierneisel, Jennifer
English I, AP English Lit E-7 jvierneisel@seq.org  
Zwicker-Sobrepena, DJ
English II, English IV
G-2 dsobrepena@seq.org