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English I, Grade Level class AS English I, Above Grade Level Class
1 to 15 pages a night. Sometimes students
will work on writing or skill building as opposed to reading.
25 to 30 pages a night - reading is consistent and note-taking is required.
15 to 30 minutes a night (approximately) 45 to 60 minutes a night (approximately)
• The Odyssey
• Night
• House on Mango Street
• Romeo and Juliet
• Enrique’s Journey
• Salvage the Bones
• A focus on short stories from Prentice Hall text book.
• Non-fiction speeches and
• Antigone
• Odyssey
• Great Expectations
• The Tempest/ Julius Cesar/ Romeo and Juliet
• Night
• Enrique’s Journey
• Salvage the Bones
• Some short stories but focus is on longer works.
Skills Both classes focus on paragraph structure and multi-paragraph essays. The regular class focuses more on essay structure and logical ordering of ideas. Both classes also focus on understanding character, theme, tone, point of view, plot, and figurative la The AS class goes into more detailed analytical skills such as quotation integration and complex thesis statements.
AS classes concentrate on vibrant class discussions and analysis of various literary skills and thematic ideas.
In-depth and focus
Pace The pace of the English I class is slower than the AS class. The curriculum focuses on short works and skill-building to help students develop better reading skills, the ability to organize ideas, and an understanding in the elements of fiction and non-f The AS classes move much faster. The class focuses on literary analysis, analytic writing, and in-depth reading and comprehension of a classic works.
It is possible to enter into an AS English II class after taking English I in the ninth grade, though this can be a challenging pathway. Students struggling in AS English I during the first semester may have the option to change classes to English I for the second semester. This option, however, is not guaranteed and it is contingent upon there being room in the English I ninth grade classes.

It is possible for all students achieving an A at grade level to move to an AS class. For example, a student may take 9th and 10th grade proficient English and then move to AS English III in their junior year. This option prepares students to take AP Literature in their senior year. This pathway is designed for students who may need to ease into the demands of high school or may not be ready for an honors level class in the 9th grade.

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