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Career Technical Education is vital to economic development. The pathways and courses offered at MA represent several of California's 15 industry sectors. CTE courses expose students to career and post-high school education choices by focusing on skill development related to these industry sectors. Projects are hands-on and performed in a lab or shop setting, integrating academic and career technical content. One year of CTE course work is required for graduation. MA's courses represent the following industry sectors:
  • Arts, Media and Entertainment
  • Building Trades and Construction
  • Education, Child Development and Family Services
  • Engineering and Design
  • Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation
  • Information Technology

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Biffle, Heather

Food and Nutrition, and Culinary Arts


Chin-Sell, Jeffery

Computer Academy, Intro to Computer Science


Donaldson, Cindy

AP Computer Science (Java), and Mobile Apps


Frivold, Sarah

Digital Photo & Design, and Design & Publishing Yearbook


Fronk, Tomiko  AP Computer Science, Principles G-21

Giambruno, John

Digital Filmmaking, Digital 3D Modeling & Animation, Digital Communications & Streaming


Leeper, Mark

Department Chair,

Woods 1, 2, & 3, Engineering & Technology, Drafting for Architecture

S-5, S-6

McBlair, John

Digital Journalism


Smale, John

AP Computer Science Principles, & Academy Website Programming Languages

i-4, i-1

Rubin, Chris  Academy Multimedia, & Academy Foundations of Web Design i-1