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Menlo-Atherton offers an amazing special education program that supports over 200 M-A students. Our team includes 12 highly qualified teachers, 19 instructional associates, our school psychologist, and our speech and language therapist.

We work collaboratively with each other, fellow general education teachers, and the administration to provide the most positive high school experience for our students.

Our Programs:
M-A has four special education programs. Each program is designed to support students and their particular needs.

Resource Specialist (RSP)
STARS 1 - Therapeutic Resource Program
Independent Living Skills
Social Academic Class (SAC)

Academic Resource TeachersTop of Page

Teacher Website 
Basquez, Joel Study Skills & Co-Teach US History  G-3, D-9 jbasquez@seq.org  
Chavez, Carla Study Skills & Co-Teach  D-10, F-10 cchavez@seq.org  
Cristerna, Art
Study Skills & STARS English
 C-13 acristerna@seq.org  
Kirk, Scott
Co-Department Head, STARS II  H-2 skirk@seq.org  
McCabe, Kyle
Study Skills & Co-Teach Mod Euro History
 C-10, E-21 kmccabe@seq.org  
Mohammed, Shaheen
Study Skills & Co-Teach English II
 E-20, G-3 smohammed@seq.org  
Molieri, Mike
STARS  H-1 mmolierie@seq.org  
Nocedal, Elisa
Study Skills & Co-Teach Algebra  E-6, G-4 enocedal@seq.org  
Price, Susan
Independent Living Skills  E-25 sprice@seq.org  
Rubin, Laurin
Co-Department Head, Study Skills  F-17 lrubin@seq.org  
Soto, Alex Study Skills & Co-Teach Algebra
 D-8 asoto@seq.org  
Soto, Christy Independent Living Skills  E-26 csoto@seq.org  
Stuart, Andrew
Global Leaders   astuart@seq.org  
Stuart, Natalie
Study Skills & AVID  F-19, G-5 nstuart@seq.org  
Taylor-Smith, Jennifer
Study Skills, Interim Math & Social Studies  E-6 jtaylorsmith@seq.org  
Tovar, Alison Study Skills & Co-Teach Government  B-10, D-24 atovar@seq.org  
Wong, Ashley
Study Skills & Co-Teach English III  C-13, H-3 awong@seq.org   

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Resource Specialist (RSP)
The RSP program at M-A is designed to provide academic support to students with special needs, provide access to the general education curriculum, and focus on supporting individual student needs. There are a total of six RSP teachers and six instructional associates in the program.

STARS 1 - Therapeutic Resource ProgramTop of Page

The Stars 1 program at M.A. is designed to provide academic and social/emotional support for students with special needs. There are one teacher and two instructional associates that support the program.

Mike Molieri

Independent Living SkillsTop of Page

This program is designed to support students with more intensive special needs. The classes are designed to provide academic life skills to students with varying disabilities. All academic classes, along with driver’s education, and adaptive and modified P.E. are taught in this program. There are one teacher and five instructional associates.

Susan Price

Social Academic ClassTop of Page

The SAC program is primarily designed to assist and support students with high functioning autism, Asperger’s Disorder, PDD-NOS, and other social pragmatic concerns. The program is intended to aid students in developing social pragmatic skills in both the public and private spheres. Students learn about the importance of how social skills, critical thinking skills, and independence skills can positively impact their lives throughout high school and beyond. There is one teacher and four Instructional Associates for the SAC program.

Jenn Taylor Smith