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Student Support Services

M-A Student and Parent Support Services connects students to appropriate school and community services by collaborating broadly with students, family members, teachers, guidance counselors, community organizations, and the school administration.
  • Meet individually with students and parents
  • Facilitate multi-disciplinary teams working to support students with academic, health and/or social-emotional challenges.
  • Supervise the staff and on campus programs of community based programs.
  • Represent M-A in various community meetings to improve school-community relations.
Coordinate programs such as the Alternative to Suspension (ATS) program aimed at reducing recidivism and the 180 Degree Program/Life Communication classes targeting high potential students who currently have low credits and behavior issues.
Miki Cristerna, Student Support Coordinator
Miki Cristerna
Miki Cristerna
Student Support Coordinator
650-322-5311 ext. 50254 
Fax: 650-323-1411 
Room B20
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