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Requesting an announcement on M-A Today?

If you'd like an announcement read for either our Video Announcements or our Audio Announcements, please use this ANNOUNCEMENT REQUEST FORM. 

Please remember all segments must be kept under a minute.

"M-A Today" will do its best to honor all requests, but due to our time constraints, and limits in staff, we will practice editorial discretion for announcements, and segments.

Thank you for supporting M-A Today, as it grows into the best program it can be. And don't forget to subscribe to our youtube channel:

For clarification:
"M-A Today" is our live video announcements airing and streaming live to the entire world every regularly schedule day (most Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays) at 10:55AM, brought to you by our 2nd Period Digital Communications & Video Streaming Class.

"Bear News" is our live audio announcements happening on Wednesdays ONLY, and is provided by leadership.