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2021 Senior Events

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2021 Senior Events


Activities are open to seniors who have satisfied all graduation requirements, or will satisfy them by the end of Summer Session 2021. Students must exhibit satisfactory citizenship during all spring activities. 
2) SENIOR WEEK TICKETS - Monday, May 17th to Friday, May 28th 
A COVID Waiver form must be signed by the student and his/her parent/guardian are required before the ticket can be purchased. Tickets will be on sale each Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday from May 17 to May 28. You can purchase your tickets on the Green. Cost: $5 
3) CAP AND GOWN DISTRIBUTION-May 19th on the PAC Patio
Caps and gowns will be distributed on the PAC patio on Super Senior Wednesday, May 19th. Caps and gowns do not need to be purchased this year. Every student will receive a rental gown for free. If you did not order one, we have one for you. 
Clearance slips indicate that you have met all of your financial responsibilities and are cleared to participate in the graduation ceremony. The slips will be distributed on Wed/Thurs May 19th/20th in your English class. You will be required to obtain signatures from the Treasurer (indicating that your financial obligations are clear), the Librarian (indicating that all library books have been returned), the Textbook Clerk (indicating that all textbooks have been returned), the Guidance Office (indicating academic clearance), the College and career center (for post senior plans), and the AVP’s Office (indicating that your parking permit has been returned). Please begin checking with the Treasurer’s Office as soon as possible to clear your outstanding obligations – lists will be posted on the wall outside his office. In clearing obligations, please note that checks will no longer be accepted after May 1. 
The Senior Clearance Slip MUST be returned to Blanca Ventura in the AVP Office by Friday May 28th. This must be returned in order for you to participate in the graduation ceremony. 
5) SENIOR PICNIC – Tuesday, June 1st at Menlo-Atherton Check-in at 10:00 a.m. on the baseball field. The Senior Picnic allows the seniors to let their hair down, enjoy a BBQ, play some wonderful games, and have some fun under the sun. We will be enjoying the day on the Menlo-Atherton baseball field. Bring your Yearbook so you can sit around and send some lasting messages to your peers. Choosing not to follow the School Rules may result in not being allowed to participate in graduation activities. 
Click this link to purchase your Sr. Picnic Ticket
6) AWARDS NIGHT— Tuesday, June 1st via Zoom at 7 p.m. 
Awards Night is a celebration of the many academic and extracurricular accomplishments of our M-A grads. It will be held on June 1st at 7:00 p.m. over Zoom. You will be informed before the event if you will be receiving an award. Students receiving awards will be notified by Ms. Nguyen. Please direct all your questions to Ms. Nguyen for Awards Night celebration. 
7) SENIOR LUNCH – Wednesday, June 2nd at 11:30 am. The Senior Lunch is sponsored by the PTA and offers an informal, relaxed time for the seniors to unite and socialize while enjoying free food and beverages. It is also an excellent time to sign yearbooks. It will be held on June 2nd at 11:30 a.m. in the G Wing. 
8) GRADUATION REHEARSAL – Wednesday, June 2nd starting at Football Field at 9:00am. You MUST attend the rehearsal on Wednesday if you want to be in the ceremony on Thursday. The rehearsal will begin before the Senior Lunch at about 9:00 a.m. and will last until approximately 11:30 a.m.

9) GRADUATION DAY—Thursday, June 3rd at 4:00 p.m. 
There will be one final rehearsal before the ceremony, if necessary. Students who do not arrive in time for the rehearsal may be dropped from the ceremony. A rehearsal is scheduled for 10:45 a.m. as needed. Graduates need to report to the designated sign-in area by 3:00 pm with a cap and gown. Graduation is a formal occasion - please dress accordingly: shirts with collars, no shorts or cut-offs, no bare feet, no athletic shoes or other attire that would detract from the solemnity of the event. Please don’t bring purses, cell phones, etc., as there are no pockets in the gowns. Photographs of all grads will be taken by a professional company. Proofs will be sent home with no obligation to buy. 
During the ceremony as you march across the stage, you will be given a case with your diploma inside. It is your responsibility to ensure a safe place for your diploma. Lost diplomas will cost you money. Diplomas not picked up after the ceremony will be available in the Guidance Office until the end of June.

10) TICKETS:  For entry into the class of 2021 ceremony, you will be allowed 2 family members to attend the ceremony in person. Each graduate will receive two tickets to gain access to the ceremony for their family/guests. Look for ticket information via seq email. Information will be sent out no later than May 7th. However, there will be no access to the field until 2:45 p.m. PARKING IS LIMITED. Please carpool! The City of Atherton WILL ticket illegally parked cars. Parking is also available at McCandles. 
School rules apply for all graduation activities. Inappropriate behavior prior to and during these activities could result in a forfeiture of the privilege of participating in these activities, including the graduation ceremony. Please plan on participating in all the activities listed above. Your attendance will help make the final days at M-A for the Class of 2021 more unifying and meaningful. 

Regarding Class of ‘21 items, caps & gowns, etc. 
Contact Michael Manning at (925)829-4003 or
Regarding academic credits and graduation status 
Contact Guidance Office (650) 322-5311 x50121

Regarding senior activities 
Contact Mike Amoroso at Or (650) 322-5311 x50250

Regarding handicapped parking and seating 
Contact Angel Bugarini at Or (650) 322-5311 x50131
Regarding Senior Grad Night
  Contact Taylor Perkins at
Regarding Senior Portraits 
Contact Prestige Photo at (650) 597-1433
Regarding Graduation Speeches 
Contact Lisa Otsuka at