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Important Dates

Course Change Requests/Drop Policies and 

Important Dates for 2020-2021




For Course Level Changes, please complete the COURSE LEVEL CHANGE FORM (CLICK HERE) 

To Request to Drop a Course, please complete the DROP COURSE FORM (CLICK HERE)


Course Level Changes Deadlines
In classes with more than one level, a level change request may occur at the following times; in some cases, this will require a signed waiver.  
With NO Penalty:
     > Through the first SIX weeks of the school year (Thursday, 9/24/20)
     > Second semester (through Thursday, 1/28/21)
WITH Penalty (WP or WF)*
      > At the quarter:  10/13/20 to 10/16/20
(*Policy does not apply to freshmen or new M-A students)
Dropping Classes
In classes with only one level, including many elective classes, some science classes, and certain AP classes, students may be dropped according to posted drop deadlines, but replaced only with a TA or Student Clerk, or unscheduled 1st or 6th period if schedule permits (12th graders only), not another academic or elective class. 
Fall Semester
     Last day to drop a class WITHOUT penalty: 
          Thursday, 9/24/20
     Last day to drop a class WITH penalty (WP/WF):
          Thursday, 11/12/20
Spring Semester
     Last day to drop a class WITHOUT penalty: 
          Tuesday, 2/25/21
     Last day to drop a class WITH penalty (WP/WF):
          Tuesday, 4/15/21