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Personal Vehicle Use

Parents who wish to volunteer to drive students to/from school sponsored events must complete the Personal Vehicle Use form. This form can be completed and submitted as part of the Electronic Permit to Participate in Athletics, or parents/volunteers may print and submit the following form with required attachments.

The form should be submitted to Ofa Taimani in the Administrative Vice Principal’s Office with the following documents at least 10 days prior to the event date:

1. Copy of current drivers license

2. Copy of current driving insurance

If you need to drive to an event that is within 10 days of submitting the Personal Vehicle Use form, you must also submit the following to be cleared:

3. *Official H-6 driving record (if event is within 10 days)
*The official H-6 driving record is a 10-year driving record which may only be obtained through the DMV office and costs $5. This report is not available online, over the phone, or via mail.