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Math Course Offerings

Math Department Course Offerings

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Math Department Course Offerings

The Menlo-Atherton Math Department offers a wide variety of courses for all levels of math students.  Our course of study is based on the California State Framework and Standards for Mathematics.  Students must pass two years of math, including Algebra to graduate.  For A-G eligibility for entrance to a 4-year university or college, students must successfully pass Algebra, Geometry and Algebra II with a C or higher.  Mathematics placements are determined by test scores, previous math class success and teacher recommendations.  The math department is flexible and willing to try to meet the needs of each individual student within the parameters of school and district policy.  If you have questions, please contact Michele Breen, Math Department Chair, or 322-5311 x 59686 or Gregg Whitnah (Co-Department Chair).
Please note:  For the 2020-21 school year the math department is participating in the District Math Initiative.  All incoming students will be placed into Algebra I.  We will not be offering Algebra Readiness.  
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