College and Career Day, Wed. 10/19/16Top of Page

M-A’s Third Annual
College and Career Day
Wednesday, October 19, 2016
  • Early Release Minimum Day for Students and Staff
  • Start times vary by grade level.  Please see below for specifics.
  • All students will be released no later than 12:30 pm, following the day’s activities.
  • Parking will be at a premium.  Please consider carpooling, walking, cycling or taking public transportation. 
9th graders -  College Field Trips
  • Students must arrive in their 1st period classroom no later than 8:30 am.
  • All ninth grade students will visit a local college campus via district transportation.
  • Ninth grade teachers and other staff will chaperone.
  • Please send your student with a light jacket/sweatshirt and an extra bottle of water/snack.  (A light snack will be provided). The climate can vary greatly depending on the Bay Area campus your student will visit.
10th and 11th graders -  PSAT
  • All 10th and 11th grade students are expected to participate.
  • Students must arrive no later than 8:45 am.  
  • Report to designated classroom
  • All tenth and eleventh graders will participate in the College Board PSAT exam, a program that provides firsthand practice for the SAT.
The benefits of participating in the PSAT are:
  1. To receive feedback on your student's strengths and weaknesses regarding skills necessary for college preparedness.
  2. To see how your student's performance on an admissions test might compare with that of others applying to four-year institutions.
  3. To help prepare your student for the SAT.
12th grade Career Panels
  • Students must sign in at the front of the PAC theater between and 9 and 9:20 am.  
  • All twelfth graders will attend two sessions, including career panels, featuring local professionals from a wide range of careers, and a college preparation workshop.
  • It is our hope that students will get a better sense of possible career options and real-world applications of post-secondary training and college options.
  • Students may have a small personal bag and bottle for water.  A light snack will be provided.

9th Grade Permission SlipsTop of Page

On Wednesday, October 19th, all 9th-grade students will have the fantastic opportunity to visit a local college/university campus as means to observe first hand  a college community. Our hope is to inspire students to create academic and personal goals for high school and beyond with the campus visits.

Since it is a class wide field trip, all 9th graders will be participating and must have a completed permission slip on file.  As one could assume when planning a field trip for 614 students + chaperoning staff members, timely information is essential and we would appreciate your completion of the below permission slip as soon as possible.

Please utilize the following link to complete the permission slip to ensure your student is up to date!