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English Summer Reading

Every Student is expected to have a Summer Reading Assignment.
Refer to the chart below to help determine which book you need to read.


(9th Grade)


(10th Grade)


(11th Grade)


(12th Grade)

English I

English II

English III

English IV

Ender’s Game

by Orson Scott Card


by Scott Westerfeld

Chew on This

by Eric Schlosser

& Charles Wilson


Red Azalea

by Anchee Min

by Lynn Nottage

AS English I

AS English II

AS English III

AP Literature

Ender’s Game

by Orson Scott Card



Interpreter of Maladies

by Jhumpa Lahiri


Never Let Me Go

by Kazuo Ishiguro

Tortilla Curtain

by T.C. Boyle


As I Lay Dying

by William Faulkner


Anna Karenina

by Leo Tolstov

AP Language

Creative Writing



by Marjane Satrapi


Between the World and Me

by Ta-Nehisi Coates

Flash Fiction


Very Short Stories from

Around the World

by James Thomas

& Robert Shapard

In addition to the reading AS English I students are expected to complete the 

AP Euro

Please pick up this textbook: A History of Western Society and the map packet.

AP US History

ALL AP US History students are expected to complete the assignments post on the AP US HISTORY WEBSITE.
Please pick up the textbook: American History, a Survey.
All necessary files and instructions are posted at the link above.
For any concerns, or questions, contact Mr. Wellington at: 

AP & AS Physics

Complete the following assignment for the appropriate class.
Click to download.

AP Biology

Please pick up the textbook: Campbell's Biology
Download both Instructions and Assignment.

AP & AS Chemistry

AP Chemistry
Please pick up the textbook:  Zumdahl.
and complete the following:
AS Chemistry
Please pick up the textbook:  Modern Chemistry.
and complete the following:

AP Environmental Science

Please pick up textbook: Environment: the Science Behind the Stories
And complete the following:

AP Computer Science


It's important to have a working knowledge of the basics of programming, so we're going to do a self-paced lesson from the Khan Academy. Please attempt all of the lessons in the link below. I will ask you to email me a screen shot showing the completed lessons during the first week of school. If you get stuck, you can ask me questions during that first week. Or you can email me over the summer at:

Finish all lessons in Khan Academy's "Intro to JS: Drawing and Animation:"
AP Computer Science Principles

There is NO required summer assignment for APCSP.   If you would like some practice before school, you can try out the Khan Academy Javascript Intro to Programming.  It would be helpful to try a few lessons but it is optional. See the link under APCS  A - Java.

AP Latin

Students are responsible for obtaining from Ms. Besse all materials before the end of the school year. 2016-17 students are responsible for the following:

1. Over the summer, students will master the vocabulary for Caesar I.1-7. If student has not taken the quizzes before the end of the current school year, he will take them immediately upon return in August.

2. Students must read and annotate the handout on Julius Caesar and Gaul.

3. Students must learn the translation for de Bello Gallico I.1-7. They should expect a translation test within the first week.

4. Students will submit all homework pertaining Book I.1-7 upon return in August.

5. Students must read (in English) Book I of de Bello Gallico. They will take a reading test on this material within the first week of school.

AP Art