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The following links and resources are provided to support student learning.

M-A Math Department Common Core Website (requires ID and password for access)

Textbook Links:
Algebra Big Ideas:
Discovering Geometry:

M-A Graphing Calculator Loan Program
The M-A Math Department checks out TI83+ graphing calculators to students who cannot afford to purchase one.  To be eligible to check out a graphing calculator, a student must be enrolled in Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, Calculus or Statistics.  Teachers will distribute contracts to students who need them.  Contracts must be signed by the student, parent and teacher.  Students will then be issued a calculator by their teacher or students can see Mr. Whitnah in room D-20 in the mornings or Ms. Payne in room D-21 during lunch and after school to check out a calculator.   Lost calculators will result in a student being billed $100.  The M-A Graphing Calculator Loan Program is generously funded by the Foundation for the Future and the M-A PTA.